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Detailed farm maps from Farm Mapping Services

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Farm Mapping Services  provide farmers with farm maps that are both accurate and highly detailed.  

The farm maps include a range of layers, from basic elements such as paddock areas through to useful items such as location of underground services.  

Farm Mapping Services provide the farm maps in a range of different formats, including A4 paper maps, map booklets, large format magnetic whiteboards and PDF versions for computer viewing.  

To ensure accuracy, the farm maps are constructed using the most recent photos of the location to be mapped. These photos are rectified so that distances can be measured and then a property is drawn over the top of the photo.  

Farm maps are highly useful in farming applications because they can indicate chemical storage sites and other safety information, paddock rotations for individual herds or mobs and fertiliser use.  

These farm maps can now be linked to Fairport computer programs, including the PAM program and its associated GP Mapper module.  

Property owners benefit from these programs as they allow for more effective farm management.

Furthermore, the farm maps can be easily imported into Fairport's farm management software programs.  

Cropping activities, livestock movements, pasture activities and other farm practices can then be entered into the program and linked to the farm maps, giving owners the ability to analyse productivity paddock by paddock.  

Property owners planning on altering the layout of their farm are encouraged to enlist the services of the Farm Mapping Services team, as a farm map is a powerful communication tool that can help them make the best decisions before commencing expensive improvements.  

The Farm Mapping Services team are constantly adding new tables and charts to their range of possible inclusions on whiteboards.  

The team are currently in consultation with their local vet to develop a calf chart, which is designed for use in a calf shed, recording pens of calves and the treatments given to individual animals.

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