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Farm Coverage Maps, Paddock Maps, Pasture Maps

The rapid advances in technology over the last decade allow for Farm Mapping Services to provide a farm map based on an ortho-corrected aerial or satellite photo.

They are also able to provide a farm map that has been created using GPS data obtained from personally visiting the property and taking GPS readings of property feature.

Farm Maps identifying property and paddock areas
The mapping products produced are designed to assist the farmer in many ways such as:

  • Being aware of the overall property and identifying its actual components in relation to each other
  • Knowing the areas of paddocks and the total effective area available to carry out their enterprise
  • Being able to use the maps to properly communicate with staff, contractors, government departments and banks on a day to day basis
  • To provide more accurate information in the formation of budgets, such as financial and feed rotation
  • To more accurately assess irrigation and environmental issues when planning strategies to better survive drought conditions with drought proof solutions
  • To plan and implement alterations to the layout of the property
  • Designing and laying out cell grazing plans on the ground
  • Displaying farm conversions and farm plans

Accurate Maps for Agricultural Enterprises

  • Most farm maps are produced with the direct assistance of the property owner or nominee
  • This helps to create an accurate concise map that highlights the elements of enterprise that are pertinent in any given situation
  • Upon the completion of the one on one map creation session, the property owner retains a range of A4 printed and PDF files for temporary use and a chance to tweak out any errors ahead of final map production
Farm Photo and Maps using Google Earth

The finalised farm photo and maps can be converted to be shown as overlays in Google Earth.

This data is shown accurately, allowing the more detailed farm photo and paddock plans to be overlayed over low quality satellite image supplied in Google Earth.

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