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Farm maps and whiteboards from Farm Mapping Services

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article image Customised whiteboard charts can be supplied for many purposes

Farm maps from Farm Mapping Services  present farmers with an accurate picture of their properties.

A useful and precise communication and planning aid, farm maps provide several benefits including information about measurements of the paddock area, lane distance and shelter area size among others, which enable farmers to know their effective grazing area, relative sizes of paddocks, or the distance that cows have to walk to the dairy.

A tool to advise farm workers and suppliers, farm maps can be used to describe paddock rotation for cows or inform a fertiliser company of location and size of paddocks to be spread. Maps are also useful while reorganising paddocks, planning farm extensions and placing irrigation pivots by providing an excellent overview of the property.

Farm Mapping Services can also supply customised whiteboard charts for many applications. Calf charts for instance, can be used to record numbers and treatments.

A whiteboard often becomes the most important part of on-farm communication, and includes a visual layout of the farm with sets of magnets placed on the map to locate stock, crops, repairs to be done, irrigator sites or chemical applications.

Tables can also be included to keep rosters and data together until they can be transferred to permanent records or put into use. Table options may include weekly paddock allocation, treatment herd, milking roster, culled cows or job schedules among others.

A whiteboard is usually drawn using the existing farm map file in dxf format. Farm Mapping Services will then coordinate with the client to select tables and magnets, a process that takes a few minutes. Whiteboards usually take 1-3 hours to draw.

Whiteboards are available in various options with the price varying accordingly. Metal backed boards, for instance are 1200mm high with the length depending on the requirement.

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