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Update maps with aerial photographs from Farm Mapping Services

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Farm Mapping Services  offers access to current aerial photography of farming and agricultural regions. Good quality aerial photos facilitate accurate mapping, detailing and planning.  

Farm Mapping Services can help to keep agricultural property owners up to date with recent and accurate photography.  Recent additions to the photographic library include parts of southern Tasmania, mid western and mid eastern Victoria.  

The aerial photography varies in quality across regional Australia.  They are generally very clear in areas closer to cities due to local governments funding regular flying trips, but tend to be quite poor quality for regions without nearby airports, especially in areas that are prone to cloud and rain.  

The person responsible for sourcing aerial photography is Peter Harrisson. When it is essential to have current photography and an area has not been photographed recently, it can be arranged for the area to be flown and photographed to special order.  

This special order photography service can provide essential information, saving significant development costs.  This invaluable service does attract premium costs.  

Aerial photographs of cities and surrounding regions from the Farm Mapping Services library of images are very competitively priced in comparison to more remote regions.

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