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2.4M Aervators from Farmtech Machinery

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The 2.4M Aervators from Farmtech Machinery are part of the GH Series of aerators. The aerators have a super tine design which is proven to penetrate all Australian soils. On all five aervator settings maximum penetration and soil loosening are guaranteed.

With one pass the Aervator will reduce water run off as well as assist with the transportation of fertiliser and lime to the root system where it is the most successful.

With the unique tine design, soil becomes loosened without destroying granular aggregation. Fuel costs are low because the Aervator does not drag through the soil so horsepower requirements are at a minimum.

The Aervator leaves stubble on the top of the ground to decay, but this does not destroy the soil structure. After the Autumn and Spring pass, residue is incorporated and a seed bed is provided in a single step.

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