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Field Spraying Equipment - Field Boss sprayer

The Agromaster® field sprayer from Farmtech is used to spray and distribute herbicides among plants rows. The agricultural sprayers can be tractor or trailer mounted and have been developed to meet varying requirements of plant protection.

What are the Benefits of an Agromaster® Field Sprayer from Farmtech?
  • The Agromaster® field sprayers are extremely versatile, and have several mechanical and hydraulic spraying booms along with different equipment options making them ideal to operate in open field cultivations, garden spraying, herbicide spraying, even suiting very specific requirements.
  • The linkage mounted tanks come in 400, 500 or 600 litre capacity and are operated by the power take off shaft of the tractor. Alternatively mounted trailer field sprayers are available in 100, 1600 or 2000 litre capacity and come with a clean water tank.
  • The easy cleaned filter of the field sprayers can be accessed at any time and the tank material is made of fibre-glass or durable polyethylene to protect against the corrosive properties of the pesticides.
  • The horticultural sprayers have a self filling system for ease of use and a pressure regulator to distribute the pesticides evenly.
The Agromaster® field sprayers have guarded carbon shaft for durability and have either a low- medium or high pressure pump depending on the type of spray required. Booms also come in varying lengths from 8- 12 meters and have brass nozzles to protect against corrosion.

For more information on the Agromaster® field sprayers  and other spray equipment please visit the Farmtech website.

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