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Hay Handling Equipment - M10P120/160/180 and M10PS

The Altec wrapped bale grabs have been sold in Europe since 1990 a testament to their durability and efficiency. The bale handlers protect the film preventing damage, hold the bale perfectly and certain models can grasp the bales in any position.

What are the benefits of an Altec Wrapped Bale Grab from Farmtech?
  • The baling equipment is made of round, smooth and curved hands which do not damage the bales.
  • The two articulated hands are tightly welded to a solid frame and the enclosed chassis resists the weight of the bales and the high pressure of the ram.
  • The bale grabs are multipurpose and can be used for straw, hay or flax and can pick up every bale diameter up to 1.80m, both hands grasp the baler rounds and draw it to the middle of the chassis.
  • The agile hands can quickly and easily pick up bales on the right and left and deposit where needed. The hands stay mobile even when the ram lets the bale go.
The bale grabs can be used on a variety of tractors and can be attached to a front loader, compact loaded and a telescopic loader.
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