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Farm Machinery Attachments - Europart- Turbo Jet 8 Air Seeder

Mounted Air Seeding Equipment
EURO-PART Turbo Jet from Farmtech is an air seeder that can be mounted on any soil implement to seed cover or catch crop in one way with field cultivation. The Euro-Part Turbo Jet helps to reduce weed pressure, improve soil structure, grass seeding and collect nitrates for the crop.  

Why choose the EURO-PART Turbo Jet Air Seeding Machinery?
  • The Euro-Part Turbo Jet Air Seeder can be used to seed and spread grass, clover, mustard, rapeseed bears, oats, beans, vetch, barley, wheat, rye including a mixture of seeds and granules.  
  • The seeders are fitted with 2 double high capacity air fans available in both hydraulic or electric drive with a choice of two speeds.
  • Equipped with an option of a standard control unit or multifunctional controller to match your specific requirements.
  • The EURO-PART Turbo Jet is equipped with a grassed-roll offering high output of grass seed when needed making your job more productive. Also includes a plastic seed roll which can be used in the process of seeding mustard, beans and oats.
Air Seeding System Features and Benefits
The Euro-Part Turbo Jet Air Seeder is extremely simple to use. Other features and benefits include:

  • The Euro range is extremely versatile and highly accurate
  • Includes features such as easy to empty 300 or 400 litre hopper, simple to set seed quantity and a transparent hopper with a litre indication to make your job smoother and easier.

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