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Ploughing Attachments - Hackett Harrows - Ranger, Concord, Junior, Mounted.

Tractor Harrows
Harrows from Hackett Harrows are adjustable to meet all specific needs with its front and rear sections which can be independently located for optional tine angles. The plough harrows are available in a number of ranges to suit all requirements.

Hackett Harrows Range of Harrows:-

Heavy Duty 16mm diameter Ranger Harrow- made of high quality steel is ideal for heavier pasture renovation/cultivation to break up clods and lumps of soil to provide a finer finish.

Medium Duty 12.5mm diameter Concord Harrow- Its Tine action design can be pulled in passive or aggressive mode. Made of high quality steel is ideal for general pasture renovation on new and established pastures.

Light Duty 12.5mm diameter Junior Harrow- made of high quality steel is ideal for small acreage. Complete with drawbar makes this compatible with ATV’s and ride on mowers.  

Rotary Mounted Harrows- is suitable for sand and rubber based arenas such as equestrian arenas. This duel purpose rotary harrows firstly loosens the compacted sand and the rear bar levels then rejuvenate the area.  

On these Harrows if the tines are set vertical it gives maximum penetration. If the tines are set angles to the rear it gives a lighter penetration.
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