High Performance Choppers and Shredders from FarmTech Machinery

Powerful and high capacity Silage Feeders
Powerful and high capacity Silage Feeders
Powerful and high capacity Silage Feeders High performance with reliable results Manoeuvrable for convenient and easy movement through tight spaces Choppers and Shredders are available with a comprehensive range of options
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Tomahawk Mills, Shredders, Feeder Bedders, Silage Feeders, Straw Bedders

A complete range of Tomahawk Choppers and Shredders offer the power and reliability to effectively prepare and deliver results to save you time and resources.

Consistent production of short materials from dry bales with Tomahawk Mills
  • Suitable for a number of applications including feeding, TMR, bedding poultry, briquetting and pumped slurry cubicles
  • Available in 400, 500 and 500XL models
  • Designed with lower left and upper right hand discharge chutes
  • Options of high level hand Giraffe chute
  • Comprehensive screen range with a number of hole diameters and slots
  • Powerful knife system for rapid feed rate
  • Intensive hammer system for difficult and stony use with short lengths
Shredders effectively cut of dry material to approximately 4cm long
  • Integrated with short chop kit for further length reduction
  • Varying blade overlap and moving rotor allows for some adjustment
High performance Feeder Bedders shred wet or dry bale material
  • Efficient light shredding and even spreading offers impressive straw saving potential
  • Safety innate design requiring only one operator and removing need to enter livestock pens
  • Convenient and easy feeding through barriers and into troughs
  • Saving resources with less waste
  • Support livestock weight gain with easier to eat chopped silage versus bales
  • Longer chop length for loose housing and mulching
Professional and reliable Silage Feeders and Straw Bedders
  • 808: High manoeuvrability and mountable for smaller yard and reversing into feed passages
  • 8100: Exceptional performance has made this model the most popular round feeder bedder on the market
  • 8500: Industrial strength, high capacity and effortless loading with wider cross beater for improved output
  • 9090: Combining high capacity and mobility for the classic bedding and feeding clamp silage solution
  • 1010: Incredible capacity and output, holding 2 full size Hesston or 4 quadrant bales
  • Dual Chop: Available in 808, 8150 and 8550 models for both long and short straw options
Enhance your Tomahawk Shredders and Choppers further with a comprehensive range of options including Greedy Boards, In-line High Pressure Filter, Swivel Chute, Side Chute, Twin Chute, Hydraulic Top Link, Silage Giraffe, Castor Wheel Kit and Straw Giraffe.

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