Jeantil EPAN 5 Manure Spreaders from FarmTech Machinery

Reliable and durable design feature Hardox fingers and and screw beaters
Reliable and durable design feature Hardox fingers and and screw beaters
Reliable and durable design feature Hardox fingers and and screw beaters High performance EPAN 5 Jeantil Manure Spreaders distribute a variety of manures and composts evenly Enhanced with safety features for improved OH and S and operator well being Fast application with wide spreading capability
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EPAN 5 Jeantil Manure Spreaders

Wide spreading capability with reliable high output, Jeantil EPAN 5 Manure Spreaders from FarmTech Machinery agricultural intelligence delivers the results you need with accuracy and control.

Engineered to German Certification Institute standards, EPAN 5 Jeantil Manure Spreaders parabolic smooth body ensure less resistance for rapid application.

Versatile multipurpose device to spread a variety of products including diverse animal manures and compost
  • Easily adjusted fingers according to product being spread
  • Precision DLG certified spreading technology with automatic spreading regulation
  • Accuracy of 16% variation coefficient in cattle manure at 30 tonnes/ha and actual width at 13m
  • Broad spreading width from 6 to 16metres to suit your requirements
  • Finer and wider spreading capability with beater rotation speed of 470rpm
  • Developed with two screw beaters at 800mm diameter and two large 840mm discs design
  • Available in 4 beater length to suit capacity and product
Integrated with multiple safety features for operator security
  • Shear bold and cam close gearbox for complete safety
  • Innovative balanced beater prevents vibration and gearbox wear
  • Active safety feature on vertical drop door
  • Incorporated with flat and paddle fingers
  • Reliable and hard wearing design with Hardox fingers and spreading device securely welded to body
  • Available with optional Hardox screw beater and edge flaps for both or either side
High performance Jeantil EPAN 5 Manure Spreaders optimise costs with centralised greasing, reduced maintenance commitments and powerful work rates.
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