Jeantil Slurry Tankers from FarmTech Machinery

Intelligent emptying with smooth tank floor and mountain emptying
Intelligent emptying with smooth tank floor and mountain emptying
Intelligent emptying with smooth tank floor and mountain emptying Innovative design for versatility and strength Integrated with operator safety features for reliable productivity and OH and S
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Jeantil Slurry Tankers

Multi-purpose and high performance Jeantil Slurry Tankers are benchmarked for quality and trusted results with complete safety in a variety of applications.

Versatile and affordable one axle Gti6500 and Gti8500 tankers for multi-purpose use
  • Effective mountain emptying with smooth tank floor and SE hydraulic bronze rear valve
  • Options of spot-welded rear drop frame of 150 or 200 diameter for slurry with straw
  • Simple and easy maintenance with smooth tank floor and galvanised monobloc
  • Integrated with operator safety features including sealed pressure safety valve, baffle partition, front detritus chamber, and pressure control manometer
  • Superior quality design continuously mechanically welded internally and externally that conforms to DESP 97/23 CE
  • Comfortable design with incorporated warning lights and hydraulic or mechanical stand options
Excelled performance with Slurry Tankers independent tank and chassis with 1 to 3 axles
  • Definitive emptying of contents with top outlet stone sorter, drop frame rear outlet, mountain emptying and pneumatic mixer
  • Large capacity with accelerator and turbine on pumping arm for more efficient filling
  • Hard wearing construction with independent galvanised tubular chassis and bolted tank to chassis
  • Innovative pre-equipment chassis for improved lifting
  • Versatile for multipurpose use with spreading nozzles, direct pumping and flushed wheels
  • Ergonomic and comfortable with electronic controls for automatic spreading management and hydraulic stand
  • Incredibly safe with ball valve filling and 2 sealed pressure safety valves
  • Quality assured with automatic welding of ferrule and DESP 97/23 CE (1) benchmarked compliance
High performance in the field or on the road Jeantil Slurry Tankers are developed compliant for road use with approved braking and double lamps for your convenience. Selected models are enhanced with hydraulic, pneumatic or mixed pneumatic-hydraulic braking and with flashing beacon support base.
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