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Seeding Equipment - 12 volt Supervario®

The Supervario® seeder is used for slug pellets, grass seed and catch crops such as white mustard, phacelia, fodder radish, Rubsen grape and baits. Catch crops are becoming invaluable in agriculture and are often compulsory in water protection areas and development programmes.

What are the benefits of a Supervario® Seeder from Farmtech?
  • Grasslands are an important source of forage, harvesting grass as silage mean the grass rarely comes to seed. With the Supervario® seeder grass over-sow can be combined with other tasks such as manure spreading, hauling or currying, saving time and giving the ability to multi-task, grass can be spread at the front, while working from the rear.
  • The cultivation equipment has a continuously adjustable spreading width between 2- 24m depending on the use and field path width and scatter diagrams can be easily altered.
  • The storage tank sizes are 70, 105 and 170 litres and the discharge nozzle makes it easy to empty the tank. The empty indicator and noise signal at the front lets the operator know when the tank is nearly empty, avoiding running the tractor equipment with nothing in the seeder.
  • An auto start function on the Supervario® seeder repeats the start process up to 10 times, meaning that if motor becomes blocked when travelling across the field the start process will jerk the stirring shaft free. If this process does not work after the 10th time a light and sound will be heard at the front to let the operator know.
The seeding systems have a stainless steel slide and spreading disks, robust 12 V/180 watt electric motor and multi functional control panel next to the driver’s seat.
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