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Fertiliser Spreaders - 12 Volt Vinero

Seeders and Spreaders
The Vinero Seeders and Spreaders from Farmtech can be used to apply seed and fertiliser making it multi purpose. It is ideal for wine, fruit seeds and horticulture as it can deliver an exact row and area of fertiliser, crop seeds and seed.

Benefits of the Vinero Seeders and Spreaders from Farmtech
  • The Vinero Seeder has the ability for seeding accurately and within centimetres because it uses a seed drill. This is advantageous over a disk spreader which can be sensitive to the wind and due to the overlap often allows seeds to fall in to rows. The Vinero spreads completely evenly and with precision with minimal effect from the wind.

  • Spreading width on the seeders can be varied from 80cm to 1.60m and due to the divided system seed can be sown and fertiliser spread at the same time.

  • The seeders are not dependant on power take off or hydraulics and are deployable anywhere 12 volts are available making g it highly versatile.

  • Dosing on the seeders can be conveniently adjusted from a control panel during operation and when the tank is empty a signal will be displayed and a sound heard.
The Vinero Seeders from Farmtech has many options to control distribution including the wing agitator to ensure the uniform distribution of material and the slide unit which can be set to 6 holes for narrow spreading or 12 holes for broad spreading.
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