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Highly productive 5 Wheel Rakes with 160 rake fingers
Highly productive 5 Wheel Rakes with 160 rake fingers
Highly productive 5 Wheel Rakes with 160 rake fingers High quality V Rakes can be customised to suit your requirements Wide spanning Rotary Rakes with quad whiles for extra stability Powerful SUPERTED Hay Tedders perfect for hay, straw and silage
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Finger Rakes, Rotary Rakes, Swather/Conditioners, Tedders, V Rakes

A comprehensive range of Rakes and Tedders to suit your specification, FarmTech offers the latest innovations with tried and trusted results.

Industrious 5 Wheel Finger Rake delicately lifts hay from difficult terrain, turning and spreading swaths
  • Impressive productivity with 160 fingers
  • Rapid working speed with 5000 x 2100 length and width coverage
  • Powerful strength with 30-50 HP on a Cat 1 or 2 linkage
  • Low maintenance design with no drive system
High performance Rotary Rakes models to suit your requirements
  • TI4000 Combi Rake: Mixing tedder and rake capability with 3 point hitch for versatile windrow positioning
  • Rotary Rake Quad Wheels 3.4m: Broad 9 raking arms for 3.4m of working width and quad wheels for precision raking control in difficult conditions
  • TI5000KIT Rotary Rake: also available
Exceptional quality Hay Tedders for silage, hay and straw
  • SUPERTED-160 Hay Tedder: Generous 1.6m width for silage straw and hay with reduced effluent production, soil contamination and spreading labour. Consistent, tidy and even swaths are highly suitable for bailing and harvesting
  • SUPERTED-220 Hay Tedder: Premium quality spring steel tines and exceptional pick up width easily integrates into silage (2 x 3m swaths side by side), hay and up to 24’ header width straw applications. Hard wearing design includes vee belt shock absorption for a more comfortable ride
Flexible and customisable V Rakes for any sized application
  • CR8V: 8 wheels, raking width 3.6 – 5.8m, windrow width adjustment 1 – 1.5m
  • CR10V:  10 wheels, raking width 5.4 – 6.7m, windrow width adjustment 1.2 – 1.8m
  • CR12V: 12 wheels, raking width 6.0 – 7.3m, windrow width adjustment 1.2 – 1.8m
Ensuring the right solution for you, FarmTech also offer Swathers and Conditioners to enhance your operations.
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