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Bagging Machines - Silograin Zero Energy Bagger

Grain Bagging and Grain Storage

The Silograin Zero Energy Bagger from Farmtech is a dry grain storage solution. 

The Silograin Zero Energy grain Bagger allows you to bag and store your grain in 200 tonne capacity bags in the field saving on barn space and making the process so much more efficient.  

Silograin Zero requires no tractor power 
The grain handling equipment can work solely by itself with no energy required 
  •  No energy is required for the grain storage therefore reducing costs and tractor wear
  • The Silograin Zero Energy Grain Bagger key feature is its operative capacity which is solely dependent on the cereal discharge into the grain bagging machine.
  • Relying on no energy allows the grain to run freely through the machine, reducing the risk of damaging delicate seeds and overall minimizing mechanical damage
  • The distribution within the bag is purely by gravity allowing even filling reducing air space, increasing efficiency and providing greater conservation of the grain.
  • The Silograin Bagger allows the removal of the silo bags immediately creating a continuous flow and increasing productivity

Grain Bagging Machines Additional Features

The Silograin Zero Energy Bagger is fitted with hydraulic brakes using discs and individual pumps and pressure regulators in each wheel giving increased operator control. 

The Silograin Zero Energy Bagger saves time, money and barn space making it an efficient eco-friendly grain store.

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