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2.4M Aervators from Farmtech Machinery
09.11.2012 - The 2.4M Aervators from Farmtech Machinery are part of the GH Series of aerators.
Tube-Line X2 bale wrapper from Farmtech Machinery
05.11.2012 - The new Tube-Line X2 model from Farmtech Machinery is a bale wrapper that is designed to give livestock a better quality feed.
Study: food production accounts for alarming percentage of greenhouse gas emissions
02.11.2012 - When we break down the various different processes involved in food production, it becomes evident that its impact on the environment could be quite significant.
Round bale wrapper from FarmTech Machinery
15.10.2012 - Farmtech’s Round Bale Wrapper TC1400 model is a high speed round bale wrapper which has a unique loading and unloading system.
Round bale wrapper from FarmTech Machinery
12.10.2012 - The TC E100 ecowrap from Farmtech Machinery is an affordable and reliable trailed round bale wrapper complete with a semi-automatic joystick
The AFR50 5 wheel rakes from FarmTech Machinery
29.03.2012 - FarmTech Machinery offers AFR50 5 wheel rakes. Weighing 195 Kg, these wheel rakes feature 160 fingers and have a minimum Hp requirement of 30 hp - 50 hp.
TL5500-AX2 Tubeline Wrappers from FarmTech Machinery
29.03.2012 - TL5500-AX2 Tubeline Wrappers from FarmTech Machinery feature a powerful automatic wrapping cycle that is excellent for bale wrapping by only one person.
Bag lifters from FarmTech Machinery
19.10.2011 - FarmTech Machinery offers a number of bag lifters, namely the B80, the B100, and the B80R.
Penta HD heavy duty feed mixers available from FarmTech Machinery
05.10.2011 - Available now from FarmTech Machinery, the Penta 1120 HD heavy duty feed mixer boasts a range of features that make it a high performance machine.
MD-135 Grader Blades available from Farm Tech Machinery
19.07.2011 - MD-135 Grader Blades have a turntable which rotates for angle adjustment and also a heavy duty frame.
FarmTech Machinery announces 1320 series round bale wrappers
16.05.2011 - 1320 round bale wrappers, the latest addition to the 1300 series available from FarmTech Machinery, utilise several unique design features to ensure high performance in a compact profile.
Tanco 580 Round Bale Wrappers frm FarmTech Machinery offer farmers more efficiency in bale wrapping applications
05.02.2010 - Now available from FarmTech Machinery, the Tanco 580 Round Bale Wrapper provides contractors and farmers with versatility, efficiency and reliability in bale wrapping applications.
New soil implement, Aervator, manufactured by Farm Tech Machinery
07.10.2009 - The Aervator relieves compaction, promotes air and water movement, and mixes crop residue which improves aerobic microbial decomposition resulting in good quality humus formation.
The Dromone Hydraulic Hitch from FarmTech
18.06.2009 - The Dromone hydraulic hitch from FarmTech is constructed from durable materials and designed to fit the majority of tractors with minimal installation time.
The Ranger Crew from Polaris
04.06.2009 - The Ranger Crew from Polaris is a six-seater vehicle which comprises a range of features and benefits.
The Fransgard Professional Series Leveller Blade from FarmTech
30.05.2009 - The Fransgard Professional Series Leveller Blade from FarmTech offers a number of features to facilitate effective operation.
The Tanco 1400 Bale Wrapper from FarmTech
28.05.2009 - The new Tanco 1400 bale wrapper from FarmTech is a trailed twin satellite model with a split table system that enables the user to simultaneously pick up the next bale while unloading the previous one
Soil aerators and cultivators from Farm Tech Machinery
09.07.2008 - Farm Tech Machinery provides design, manufacturing and distribution services for a range of agricultural and construction support equipment and machinery.
Heavy duty manure spreaders from Farm Tech Machinery
08.07.2008 - Farm Tech Machinery manufactures an extensive range of farm equipment and machinery including heavy duty manure spreaders, hay and silage handling equipment, soil aerators, bale wrappers, post hole diggers, cultivators and post hole diggers.
Hay and silage handling equipment from Farm Tech Machinery
07.07.2008 - Farm Tech Machinery offers manufacturing and distribution services for a range of agricultural equipment and machinery.
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