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Ectol Protect & Grow plant stress bio-protectant available now from FMN

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Ectol Protect & Grow, available from the Farmers Marketing Network , is a plant stress bio-protectant that helps to prevent premature plant death from a range of causes.

Horticultural industry research suggests that more than half of the plants purchased do not reach maturity and die soon after planting. Plants get sick and die prematurely because they are unable to resist stress, disease and predation from insects. A healthy plant contains many natural biochemicals providing plant protection, but deficiencies restrict growth and expose the plant to pests and disease.

Ectol Protect & Grow contains many natural terrestrial plant extracts, seaweed extracts, amino acids, organic sugars and minerals that provide constant plant protection and promote
growth. All of the materials found in this soil additive are naturally found in plants; there are no synthetic compounds.

Ectol Protect & Grow plant stress bio-protectant should be applied when the plants are being transferred into the garden or pot, or sprayed over seedbeds. Additional applications should be made regularly especially when frost, cold winds, heat, drought, pests or disease are evident.

This plant stress bio-protectant supports the plants utilisation of fertiliser and improves the efficiency of pesticides and fungicides, and when used regularly should maintain plant health, photosynthesis, and growth.

Developed in Australia, Ectol Protect & Grow is 100% safe to children and pets and may be confidently used in the home, garden, balcony or hot house. It is already widely used by Australian fruit and vegetable growers, vineyards and farmers and is now available to home gardening enthusiast and people who care about their plants.

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