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Gro.Ganic natural organic soil improvement products available from FMN

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Available now from Farmers Marketing Network , Gro.Ganic Blood + Bone and Oceanic Blood + Bone are natural organic soil improvement and plant protection products that balance mineral fertilisers, naturally improve soil, stimulate earthworms, and protect plants.

Gro.Ganic's natural organic suspension provides all the major mineral and trace element requirements of plants and animals. It will not “burn” leaves or roots, desicate seedling, or contaminate waterways.

The proteins and fats within Gro.Ganic soil improvement products also stimulate soil biology to recycle the organic matter and release "locked up" minerals, such as calcium and phosphorous, while also providing a steady source of nitrogen.

Earthworms are the often referred to as the "lungs" of healthy soil, and Gro.Ganic soil improvement products are great for stimulating their activity. As the earthworms migrate towards
Gro.Ganic they aerate the soil, creating the perfect environment for fine root development, while mixing Gro.Ganic with a calcium mucilage cast.

Aside from soil improvement, Gro.Ganic is blood and bone products are also idea for protecting plants from pests and diseases. Stimulating the soil biology has shown to counter root fungal disease and nematode numbers, whilst the higher concentration of plant sugars reduces inset pressure on the leaves. Additionally the proteins, fats and sugars in Gro.Ganic stick
to the leaves and stimulate beneficial microbes, protecting the leaves and stems.

Gro.Ganic soil improvement and plant protection products can be used as a foliar spray, as the natural oil surfactants allow the elements to infuse the cell walls and stomatal openings, or as a soil application as the proteins hold the minerals in the topsoil, reducing run-off and leaching to ensure an efficient uptake of essential nutrients by the plants roots.

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