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Electrical fencing systems from Farmers Warehouse

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Farmers Warehouse  provides sales and marketing services for a range of electrical fencing systems, automatic gate openers, weighing systems, gate hardware and live stock handling equipment suitable for rural agribusiness applications. The farm support equipment and accessories, supplied by Farmers Warehouse, are sourced from renowned manufacturers. The Gallagher range of electric fencing products, distributed by Farmers Warehouse, is available in a range of sizes and models. With over 65 years of experience in the electric fencing product manufacturing industry, Gallagher offers reliable and efficient security services to farmers with access control and security automation needs.

Using reliable packaging and shipping techniques, Farmers Warehouse efficiently distributes its electric fencing systems and accessories. Farmers Warehouse offers technical support and advisory services to its clients with product selection and installation needs. Some of the suppliers represented by Farmers Warehouse include Fort Dodge, Bainbridge-Veterinary Instruments, SILVAN-Selecta, GTSteel, Hi-Fert, Whites Wires and OneSteel-Waratah.

The electrical fencing products, supplied by Farmers Warehouse, are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. The bull nose end strain insulators form Farmers Warehouse is made from UV resistant polypropylene plastic materials. The strain insulators can be installed with semi-permanent fences.

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