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Farminganswers offer advice on empowering farm businesses with succession planning

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Farminganswers , specialising in Farm Management Training and agricultural consulting, are inviting farming businesses an opportunity to plan for their future by attending their Facilitated Succession Planning Meetings run by their own independent facilitators in NE Victoria and Southern NSW.

To make this opportunity even more appealing, the Facilitated Succession Planning Meetings delivered by Cheryl Graham and Janette Outram of Farminganswers has recently been FarmReady Approved. 

This means that eligible farmers and their families can now have the cost of family meetings reimbursed through the FarmReady Reimbursement Grant program.

FarmReady provides farmers and their immediate family members with up to $1500 a year to spend on approved training.

Cheryl Graham from Farminganswers has over 20 years experience working with farming families to develop sustainable and profitable businesses. She has a deep understanding of the range of issues facing farming families.

Janette Outram has experience in helping families through the complex succession planning process. She has spent the past 30 years living and working in farming communities and understands the complexities of farming as a family.

Both Cheryl and Janette have specialized training in facilitating succession planning and family business meetings.

Cheryl says the Facilitated Succession Planning Meetings aim to develop and implement an agreed succession plan.

“Succession planning can be an emotive subject. As independent facilitators we provide a ‘neutral’ environment for all family members to clarify their aims and intentions for the business, enabling the family to decide on a process forward,” says Cheryl.

Outcomes from facilitated meetings include:

  • a clearer understanding of the current business situation
  • less pressure on parents to ‘sort it all out’ themselves
  • opportunity to discuss key areas of concern and future aspirations of all family members
  • being better prepared to ask the right questions of accountants and solicitors.
The confidential meetings can be delivered as a full day, with a follow-up ½ day meeting or 3 half days at times that suit the family.

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