Farmoz is a major supplier of crop protection products and spraying tools.


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18/07/11 - Farmoz provides a quality range in fungicide solutions in crop protection for resellers and growers that are concerned on their crops could be suffering from various cereal fungal diseases.
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15/07/11 - 1800 FARMOZ (1800 327 669) is a free help hotline, launched by Farmoz, for resellers and growers of the crop industry.
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09/07/08 - Farmoz provides sales, marketing and support services for a range of pant growth regulators, pest control products and crop protection chemicals suitable for rural agricultural applications.
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08/07/08 - Farmoz distributes an extensive range of herbicides and insecticides suitable for distinct crop protection and agricultural applications.
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PO Box 302
St Leonards
NSW 1590
Tel: 02 9431 7800
Fax: 02 9431 7700
PO Box 1932
Milton BC
QLD 4064
Tel: 02 9431 7800
Fax: 02 9431 7700
PO Box 77
SA 5081
Tel: 02 9431 7800
Fax: 02 9431 7700
PO Box 3506
WA 6946
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Fax: 02 9431 7700

Farmoz Brands

2 4-D Amine 625 4-D Ester 800 4-D LV Ester 600 Afalon Flowable Alpha-Scud Elite Ametrex 800 WG Ametryn 500 FL Amitraz Elite Aphidex 500 Aurora 250 EC Aurora Turf Axiom 50G Axiom MZ 720 Axiom Plus Ballistic Elite Ballistic ULV Bobcat Combi Bobcat SL Bonanza Elite Bronco 200 BTK Bumper Bushwacker WG Cameo 500 Captan Fungicide Cavalier Cavalry 720 SC Civet Aquaflo Civet Liquid Seed Dressing Clincher Cotogard SC Cotogard WG Cotoran SC Cut-Back Cutlass 500 Cutlass M Cutlass M Turf Herbicide Cyren 500 WP Diazol 800 Dimethoate 400 Diuron 500 Flowable Diuron 900 WDG Duet 250 EC Dyna-Mite 600 Electra 225 Endosulfan 350 EC Enforcer 242 Escalate Escalate 500SC Escalate Ultra Excalibur Fairgro Liquid Fungicidal Seed Dressing Farmozine 500 Flowable Herbicide Farmozine 900 WDG Fenitrothion 1000 Fightback Flagship 200 Flowable Fluometuron 900 WDG FULL-BAC WDG Fung-o-nil 500 Gibberelic Acid Growth Regulant Grain-Star 200 Hellfire 500 EC Hotwire Howzat SC Imazagard 500 EC Imazagard 750 WG Imazagard 800 EC Instinct 300 Jubilee Juggler 700 Klartan Kohinor 200 Leopard Linurex 500SC Lonestar 750 WG LVE MCPA 500 Lynx 600 Lynx WG Maldison 500 Mancozeb 750 DF Mancozeb 800 Marvel Matrix 500 SC Mavrik Aquaflow MCPA 500 Metribuzin 750 WP Mirage Mirpan Miti-Fol EC MSMA 800 Nimrod Optiforce Orius 430SC Panoctine Parathion-Methyl 500 PBO 800 Pendimethex Permex 100 Permex EC Pestex Phoenix C Flowable Seed Dressing Phoril 200G Pinnacle 100 Pinnacle 25 Profenn 500 Elite Prolioq Apollo Prometrex 900 WG Prometryn 500 Flowable Herbicide Promote 480 Promote 720 Rattler 400 Reward Rhino Rodex B Rat Blocks Rodex B Rodenticide Pellets Royale 500 SC Safari 600 EC Scud 40 ULV Scud Elite Showdown 375 Simazine 500 Flowable Herbicide Simazine 900 WDG Slugger Sorcerer 18 Spiral 500 Spiral Aquaflo Spray & Sow Spraybuff Spraytop 250 SL Storite Flowable SC Strike-Out 500EC Strike-Out PC Suprathion 400-EC Swell Tackle 750 Tackle WG Touche 150 G Triad 125 Triad 500 WP Trifluralin 480 Trilogy Venom 100 EC Venom 100EC Victory Wetspray 1000 Wetspray 600 Wipe-Out 360 Wipe-Out 450 Wipe-Out CT Elite Wizard 18 Zulu 300

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