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Herbicides and insecticides available from Farmoz

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Farmoz  distributes an extensive range of herbicides and insecticides suitable for distinct crop protection and agricultural applications. The water soluble herbicides and insecticides distributed by Farmoz are safe and easy to apply. Farmoz offers sales and marketing services for a range of crop protection products from Makhteshim-Agan Industries. The environment friendly crop protection products manufactured by Makhteshim-Agan Industries include herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and fungicides. The insecticides and herbicides distributed by Makhteshim-Agan Industries are manufactured according to industrial quality standards.

The alpha-scud elite range of insecticides distributed by Farmoz can be used for protecting crops from insects and pests. The insecticide can be used for treating plants from infestations of pests. Sugar cane and pineapple leaves can be protected from broadleaf weeds through the use of ametrex 800 WG ranges of insecticides. Farmoz offers technical support and advisory services to its clients with application and product selection needs. Boom sprays and general spreaders can be used for applying insecticides and herbicides on crops.

Farmoz offers online marketing services for a range of insecticides and herbicides. The online interface provided by Farmoz is easy to use and navigate.

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