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Quality Fungicide Solutions in Crop Protection from Farmoz

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Farmoz encourages resellers and growers of the crop industry to carefully watch their cereal crops for fungal diseases, such as Yellow Spot, Stripe Rust, Barley Leaf Rust and Net Blotch.  The wet spring and summer, from South Australia and through to southern Queensland, increases the chances of fungal disease outbreaks.

“After good rainfall, growers are planting big areas of wheat and barley.  So it is important to get on the front foot with fungal disease control early in the season,” says Andrew Horsfield, General Manager – Technical and Development, of Farmoz.

“Under the right conditions, fungal diseases can spread very rapidly, so resellers have the opportunity to assist their customers by encouraging them to check their crops and having the right fungicides available for keeping diseases at bay.”

Farmoz has a range of crop protection products to help counter these fungal diseases, with fungicides such as Farmoz’s Soprano (expoxiconazole), Orius (tebuconazole) and Bumper (propiconazole).

Features of the Farmoz fungicides crop protection products:

  • Soprano: Strongest fungicide in the Farmoz range.  Soprano is effective on cereal diseases such as stripe rust and other leaf rusts found in wheat and barley.  It offers up to four weeks residual control and seven days post-infection activity on some diseases.
  • Orius:  Used to suppress cereal diseases from occurring.  Orius provides post-infection activity and up to three weeks residual control in diseases found in wheat, barley and oats.  Ideal for problem fungal diseases like Stripe Rust and Stem Rust.
  • Bumper: Suited for early growth in crops.  Bumper registers control in rusts and stubble-borne diseases found in wheat, barley and oats.  Ideal for fungal disease control, such as Yellow Spot, Net Blotch Scald and Powdery Mildew.

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