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Livestock management software available from Farmplan

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Farmplan  provides software design, deployment, installation and support services to farmers with agricultural process control and management needs. Farm Stock is a livestock management software tool designed by Farmplan. Livestock enterprises with record-keeping needs can benefit from this software. Detailed records of individual livestock can be accurately maintained using the Farm Stock management software developed by Farmplan. The software can be used for storing genders, breeds and management related information. The animal identification number can be classified using attributes such as management tags, RFID, NLIS, tattoos and alternate tags.

Breeders and traders can utilise the Farm Stock software designed by Farmplan for recording the history of individual livestock including information on weight gains, feeds, calving, mating, reproduction and breeding. The software can also be used as an inventory and stock management software tool. Farmplan’s software tools are available with a user friendly interface. The Farm Stock software developed by Farmplan can be used for maintaining sales and purchase records, trucking company details, yarding and loading times and freight records. The advanced agricultural management solutions provided by Farmplan help farmers in effectively controlling and managing their agribusiness.

The livestock management software designed by Farmplan can be used for increasing productivity and profitability by tracking livestock history and characteristics.

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