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Electrical fencing equipment available from Farmshop

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Farmshop  offers online sales and marketing services for a range of farming equipment and accessories. Farmshop stocks a range electrical fencing equipment, animal health products, farm animal equipment, shearing equipment, spray booms and spray units supplied by renowned manufacturers. The electrical fencing equipment and accessories, distributed by Farmshop, are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. The smartfix range of fault finding tools distributed by Farmshop can be used for measuring voltage of current in electrical fences. The fault finding tools are available with multi-mode options.

The flood gate controllers, supplied by Farmshop, can be used for automatically controlling flood gates. Farmshop’s flood gate controllers can be used in conjunction with powered flood gates. The live lights from Farmshop can be used for indicating the operational state of the electrical fences. With several years of experience in the farming equipment supply industry, Farmshop offers reliable and cost effective supply services for a range of agricultural control and monitoring equipment.

The live lights from Farmshop are easy to install and maintain. Farmshop’s neon fence testers are made from durable plastic materials. The neon fence testers can be used for displaying approximate voltage readings.

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