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Shearing equipment available from Farmshop

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Farmshop  provides internet-based sales and distribution services for a range of animal health products, fencing products, shearing equipment and accessories. The online interface provided by Farmshop is easy to use and navigate. Some of the companies represented by Farmshop include BainbridgeVet, Innotek, Silvan, Shoof International, N.J.Phillips, Heiniger and Gallagher Electric Fence. The farming equipment and accessories distributed by Farmshop are tested for quality and performance. The Battery Handpiece is a car battery operated shearing tool distributed by Farmshop. It can be used as a mobile and energy-efficient shearing tool.

The Heiniger range of shearing machines and tools supplied by Farmshop comes in sturdy cases with brushes, clipper oils and screw drivers. The Kamar range of hand shears can be used for shearing small animals and trimming cows tails. Farmshop offers technical support services to farmers and cattle owners with equipment handling needs. The electric shearing system distributed by Farmshop works on a 320 watts motor. This shearing system is available with floating fork systems.

Farmshop’s shearing equipment is available in a range of models and designs. The electric shearing equipment from Farmshop are easy to operate and maintain.

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