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Adopting an environmental and economical method of crop management

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The Pasture Cropping and No Kill Cropping Association seeks to inform and guide the continued research and development of pasture cropping and no kill cropping.

What is Pasture Cropping?
According to the Association, it is a technique of sowing crops into living perennial pastures and having these crops grow symbiotically with existing pastures. The technique is a combination of cropping and grazing economically and environmentally.

This method produces dramatic results on wastr and nutrient cycles by lifting the organic matter and humus with soil. It restores natural ecological functions, yield commercial crops and restores grasslands.

What is No Kill Cropping?
It is the growing of crops into grasslands without eliminating any of the existing plants and animals. This method has been adopted across Australia in various forms since 1995.

According to the Association, there are five principles of No Kill Cropping:

  • Sowing is done dry
  • Coulter disc sowing equipment (no tynes)
  • No Fertiliser
  • No Herbicides or Pesticides
  • Good Grazing Management

While traditional cropping methods destroy vegetation and soil organisms required to grow crops, the No Kill Cropping method preserves existing plant life.

This means that not only is the Carbon storage potential of the system is at its maximum, but also one of the few substantial solutions for addressing the Climate Change crisis that is now impacting Australia and agriculture. 

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivs (2.0) image from USDAgov's Flickr photo stream

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