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Agricultural industry develops practices that facilitate speedy drought recovery

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article image It is important that we recover from drought in an efficient yet speedy manner
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The third component of the National Drought Policy highlights the need for strategies that ensure the nation recovers from drought in an efficient yet sustainable manner.

By combining efficient recovery practices with sustainable resource management, the agricultural industry, farmers and property owners, and the environment will benefit.

This can be achieved by recruiting the assistance of Farm Mapping Services , a company specialising in the generation of highly accurate, multilayered farm plans for properties.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, this “allows producers to identify the elements of risk within their businesses and take steps to minimise their impact.”

By developing a thorough awareness of the factors that may hinder a property’s tolerance to drought, appropriate measures can be taken to minimise its impact, which will in turn will ensure the drought recovery process is achieved at a much faster rate.

A number of actions can be taken in order to recover from drought in a sustainable manner, including:

  • Opt for bird scarers from Hawk Bird Scarer to deter birds from crops, rather than using water
  • Employ wood chippers from Petromech to convert dead trees into wood chips, rather than dispose of them
  • Minimise your electricity usage with Solar Water Pumps , a company specialising in solar and wind powered pump systems 
  • Restore pastures, paddocks and crops with natural, organic fertilisers from Organic Crop Protectants
Greg Laughlin and Anthony Clark, authors of Drought Science and Drought Policy in Australia: A Risk Management Perspective explain “the concept of self reliance is one of the key principles for understanding Australia’s approach to managing drought.”

All Australian’s will benefit from the development of such strategies, as they effectively reduce the effects of drought, both while the conditions are in effect, and once they have subsided. 

Furthermore, it is anticipated that the Australian agricultural industry will eventually create such well developed strategies that overall, drought will no longer be as damaging.

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