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Cattle genome database offers benefits to cattle producers

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The mapping of the bovine genome has provided huge benefits to cattle producers by making important information available to improve health and disease management amongst cattle.
The Cattle Genome Database (CGD) is an expansion of the Cattle Genotypic Database, which was a source of information to construct a genetic linkage map of the bovine genome.

The CGD is an international collaboration and currently has more than 36 laboratories that contribute to the mapping and updating of the bovine genome records.

The CGD provides researchers and breeders with a complete picture of a cow’s genes and how DNA variations can influence such elements as lactation, reproduction, muscling, growth rate, and disease resistance.

The genome can also be used as a template to highlight genetic variation within and between cattle breeds and other mammal species.

The CGD provides information on genome maps in groups of chromosomes and a comparative mapping document as well as Loci search. The database works on the principle of ‘Less is More’ and uses a simple text search or just one word or part thereof.

The CGD is edited by Dr. W. Barendse at the CSIRO Molecular Animal Genetics Centre of the CSIRO Division of Tropical Agriculture.
The latest map (2) is widely available to the gene mapping community.

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