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CropMate - an agricultural weather companion for farmers

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The NSW Department of Primary Industries introduces the CropMate website and CropMate VarietyChooser application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The CropMate agricultural systems cover locations in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

The CropMate helps farmers analyse climate and weather information to their chosen location. The website is programmed to provide timely and accurate information to help farmers make informed planning and management decisions during the crop cycle.

The agricultural technology is divided into 5 sections, which follow the crop cycle. Each section uses climate and weather information and seasonal forecasts to help farmers make decisions.

These 5 sections include:

  • Preseason planning
    CropMate analyses the average temperature, rainfall and evaporation as well as collects seasonal forecasts and the influence of the climate. This is to help farmers estimate their soil-water and nitrogen, frost and heat risk in order to decide which crop to grow.
  • Sowing
    CropMate collects information on recent rainfall and temperature, forecast and synoptic charts and also temperature analysis. This section helps farmers decide, which variety to plant and when a wheat variety will flower.
  • Spraying
    Collects information on current rain, wind, temperature and Delta-T conditions, as well as forecast and synoptic charts.
  • Tracking the season
    Collects observations for the month and compares accumulated rainfall. It is a decision tool for nitrogen topdressing and a calculator to compare the outcome when salvaging crops for hay, silage or grazing.
  • Harvest
    Collects observations for the month and information on recent rainfall. It works as a post-harvest review tool for farmers and also collects information on forecast and synoptic charts.

The CropMate VarietyChooser application is a decision tool to help farmers choose varieties of barley, canola, chickpea, oats, triticale and wheat. Farmers simply choose their region, desired disease resistance levels and see comparative yield trials to narrow down their choices and see details of each variety.

The CropMate website and application is available for locations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

The CropMate VarietyChooser application is free from the iTunes store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

For more information on CropMate, visit the NSW Department of Primary Industries website for details.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Parker Michael Knight's Flickr photo stream

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