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New vaccine discovered to combat bovine abortion

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A new vaccine could halt the numbers of aborted cattle that farmers lose to the neospora caninum parasite every year.

According to www.uts.edu.au, Australian researchers from the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Adelaide have discovered a new method to cut fatalities caused by the parasite, which accounts for 5% of calves lost annually.
Results from the researcher’s pilot study have indicated a very high effectiveness of the vaccine, making it invaluable to the cattle industry. One of the leading researchers, Professor John Ellis, whose research in neosporosis has spanned over 15 years has claimed that “there is no other effective vaccine in the world that targets neosporosis in cattle.”

The vaccine is estimated to cost $10 per dose and is recommended for all adult female heifers.

Neospora caninum, the abortion-causing parasite has been estimated to cost the industry over US$1 billion annually. 
Image courtesy of By Glen Bowman via Wikimedia Commons

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