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Non-profit body protects the welfare of hens

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The Free Range Farmers Association Inc (FRFA) is comprised of farmers who produce eggs from hens for commercial purposes in a fair and equitable manner.

FRFA has an established set of standards that all members adhere to. These standards cover four main areas:

  • Hen housing: hens must have access to weather proof housing, and they must contain perches for normal roosting. No more than 1000 hens per house are permitted.
  • Feeding: hens must be fed natural products that are free from growth hormones and/or promotants.
  • Free range run: maximum stocking density must not exceed 750 hens per hectare, hens must be able to run around as they please during the day and these free range areas must have adequate shade and protect hens from predators.
  • Husbandry practices: bird mutilation, such as beak trimming is prohibited.

FRFA does not condone the practice of hen de-beaking or beak trimming, and members are not to confine their hens in barns or cages.

This Victorian based association is affiliated with the National Free Range Egg and Poultry Association of Australia Inc.

The eggs produced by accredited member farms can be easily identified, as cartons feature the FRFA logo.

Accredited members sell their free range eggs directly to customers at Farmers Markets and retail outlets, and they are also sold to cafes and restaurants for commercial use.

To ensures members adhere to the associations animal welfare standards and policies, those interested in becoming a member of FRFA must prove to an independent third party inspector that they engage in free range poultry farming practices.

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