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Promoting the interests of chain link manufacturers, suppliers and installers

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A non-profit organisation, the The Australian Chain Link Fencing Association (ACLFA) was formed in 2003 to encourage and promote the interests of chain link (chain mesh) manufacturers, suppliers and installers in promoting quality products to recognised Australian standards wherever possible.

The Association was formed and part of the Australasian Wire Industry Association (AWIA) to provide a national forum for companies involved in manufacturing, supplying or installing chain link and tubular fencing.

The Association helps to ensure that quality chain mesh fencing products are manufactured to recognised Australian Standards.

The Association's objectives are:

  • Recognised authority: Positioning the Association as the recognised authority on chain link manufacture and installation within Australasia.
  • Industry events: Organise national conferences, trade fairs, regional meetings and overseas tours where appropriate.
  • Public awareness: Create public awareness of the industry through advertising, trade publications, conventions and exhibitions, etc.
  • Representing the industry: Make representations and submissions to governments, statutory authorities and other organisations on any matter which may affect the industry.
  • Collating data: Be a conduit for the collection and dissemination of technical information on product and standards for the industry.
  • Educational programs: Develop educational programs to increase the knowledge and skills of industry employees.
  • Credibility: Create credibility for the Association’s members within the industry and subsequently with other industry groups.
  • Ethical activities: Ensuring our activities are conducted with sound ethical trading practices.  

The Association also acknowledges projects that incorporate the innovative use of chainl link fencing materials on commercial, industrial, sporting or institutional projects. In 2011, the ACLFA held a Chainlink Fencing Innovative Design Award. 

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Alex E. Proimos Flickr photo stream

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