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Quality fencing materials, can your fence withstand flood and fire?

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Farmers receive more than their fair share of unforgiving weather. The nation’s adverse weather conditions place a heavy stain on fencing through drought and flood, making costly replacements commonplace around the country.

Traditional timber posts can tend to cause trouble as ants frequently build nests in the posts, causing the wire to rust.

Ian Campbell, a fourth generation livestock producer, had part of his 165 acre property damaged by flood which hit north-eastern NSW earlier this year according to Beef Central.

“We’ve always had troubles here with floods and fast flowing water knocking down fences, not to mention the debris. In the past we used the cheap substitutes for wire and were constantly having to replace fencing materials,” he said, in a OneSteel Waratah media release.

“But when the Longlife Blue colour Iowa Barb came on the market from Waratah, my fencing contractor suggested we make the switch, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Campbell said that since making the change to Waratah fencing products, he has never had to change the wire, even after flooding.

“The water from the floods knocked down a few sections of fencing. We were able to just stand it back up and the Longlife Iowa Barb was able to be re-used, no problem at all.”

Campbell previously employed a traditional timber post fencing structure but was forced to replace it numerous times due to rust.

“In the past I’ve had to replace snapped wire many times where rust had worn it away, particularly in the ant nesting areas in the timber posts. But the Blue Barb wire has lasted really well against the rust from this, as well as all the rain and floods. It is just all-round better quality.”

“No doubt about it, always buy the best and it will be cheaper in the long run,” he said.

Image credit: Beef Central

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