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WAFarmers reaffirms GM policy

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The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) has reaffirmed its Genetically Modified (GM) policy with only a minor change, following its annual GM Policy Forum.

WAFarmers Director of Policy, Alan Hill, noted that there was continued strong support for WAFarmers GM policy.

“The minor change in the policy wording reflects WAFarmers ongoing role in supporting the development of protocols,” said Mr Hill.

“2010 was the first opportunity for farmers to commercially grow GM canola in Western Australia and there was strong uptake of the technology.”

“The indications are that there will be further demand for the technology in Western Australia as we enter the new growing season.

“This local demand is reflective of increased use of the technology across the world with 15.4million farmers using varying GM crops in 29 countries during 2010.”

Locally, Mr Hill stated that farmers will chose which crops they plant based on management and profitability considerations.

WAFarmers GM Policy, as adapted at its 2011 GM Policy Forum, is as follows:

  • WAFarmers supports the lifting of the current State Government moratorium on the commercial release of GM canola.
  • WAFarmers supports future research and development into GM crops and pastures.
  • WAFarmers supports Australian and State Government tolerance levels of 0.9 per cent in crops and 0.5 per cent in seeds.
  • WAFarmers supports the OGTR and its charter to protect the health and safety of Australians and the Australian environment.
  • WAFarmers supports further development of protocols for the commercialisation of GM grains in the WA grains industry including intellectual property rights, contamination, segregation, licensing, protection of individual growers and legal liability issues.

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