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Water security remains a concern for many Australians

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Recent research by the Australian Water Association (AWA) shows that more than 75 percent of Australians would prefer to supplement existing water supplies through the use of stormwater treatment and the construction of new dams - not through options such as desalination.

Water security remains a concern for many Australians, the survey found, despite heavy rainfall and healthy dam levels in many States.

Tom Mollenkopf, the AWA's CEO, says: "While it is encouraging that three-quarters of Australians still consider water to be an issue of concern, it is disconcerting that almost a quarter of Australians are not at all concerned about running out of water. Our urban water supplies may not be facing an immediate crisis in many states thanks to recent rain and new supply options but we cannot afford to get complacent on this issue. We must ensure that water security continues to be a priority for everyone."

Although many Australians are prepared to reduce their water consumption and support water restrictions in order to protect Australia's water supply, the majority favour increasing our
water supplies.

Interestingly, the preferred supply options highlighted by respondents were introducing treated stormwater to water supplies and building new dams over other options such as desalination. Over 75 % of respondents supported using treated stormwater.

When asked about desalination and other supply options such as recycled water, respondents said that they lacked information to make an informed decision about these options.
Fewer than one in five Australians believe that they are very informed about either treated recycled water or desalination water.

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