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Hay marketing services offered by Feed Central

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Feed Central  offers sales and marketing services for a range of hay, straw and grains suitable for livestock feeding applications. Using reliable packaging strategies, Feed Central offers efficient distribution services for a range of hay and straw products. With over 20 years of experience in the feed product distribution industry, Feed Central offers cost effective and efficient supply services to its clients with distinct feeding needs. Cattle and livestock owners with on farm feeding requirements during dry conditions can benefit from the hay marketing service offered by Feed Central. The hay and grain products grown by Feed Central are distributed to dairy farms and feed lots.

Some of the feed products distributed by Feed Central include grain, cotton seeds, meals, hay and straw. Using traditional and modern agricultural techniques, Feed Central grows a range of straw and grain products suitable for cattle feeding and livestock feeding applications. Feed Central offers professional hay marketing services to livestock industries such as beef, chickens, pigs and re-vegetation and chaffing markets.

Feed Central uses innovative quality control and management strategies for producing effective feed supplies. Important aspects of the quality control strategy followed by Feed Central includes inspections grading, vendor declarations and quality statement feed tests.

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