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Felco hoof clippers save time and effort

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Felco Australia  offers a new range of hoof clippers designed to ensure safety during hoof shearing work in stock.

Wet conditions are increasing hoof trimming work among sheep, goat and alpaca farmers. Traditional hand trimmers require a lot of physical effort to get the job done in addition to causing painful soft tissue injuries in the hands, forearms and wrists of the user.

Hoof clippers from the Swiss manufacturer, Felco are available in hand-operated and powered models that reduce the effort involved in hoof shearing while offering high levels of safety for the user and the stock. Felco 50 hoof shears are hand-operated hoof clippers while Felco 800M hoof shears are electric hoof clippers.

Felco 50 manual hoof shears: 

  • Slim and highly manoeuvrable blades for easier cutting action
  • Available in rotating handle and fixed handle (Felco 51) models
  • Rotating handle further reduces effort by 25% - 30%
  • Easier, more precise cuts and reduced fatigue for the operator

Felco 800M electric hoof shears 

  • Battery-operated Felco 800M eliminates all cutting effort for ultimate operator comfort
  • 1.8kg battery pack is carried on a waist belt and provides full day’s autonomy
  • Cutting head is controlled by a trigger, which allows the blade to be stopped and reversed at any time ensuring safety for man and stock
  • Portable power source allows flexibility for work to be done anywhere on a property
  • Can also be converted into electric pruning secateurs simply by replacing the hoof shear cutting head with pruning blades

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