Right-Handed and Left-Handed Electric Pruning Shears from Felco Distribution Pty Ltd


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Felco Electric Secateurs<br />FELCO 800, FELCO 800G, FELCO 800M, FELCO 810

Precision Electric Pruning Tools and Secateurs
The range of Felco Distribution electric pruning shears offers professionals the ultimate in powered pruning. All electric pruners or secateurs feature:

  • Strong, precision-forged aluminium body
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Unique design
  • Energy-saving cutting heads
  • Full operator independence from a powerful Lithium-ion battery pack

The classic Felco 800 is available with fine, standard and left-handed cutting heads, whilst the powerful high-capacity Felco 810 is recommended for large cuts up to 35mm. 

Pruning Shears with Superior Efficiency and Lightweight Properties

FELCO 800 Expert

  • Recommended for all intensive pruning work
  • Cutting head ensures a clean, precise cut, which facilitates plant healing
  • Drop-forged aluminium frame has a lifetime guarantee
  • Clectronically controlled
  • Easy on the arm and shoulder muscles
  • Battery weighs less than 2kg and has enough charge to handle a full day of pruning
  • Battery recharges in approximately five hours
  • Storage bag may be worn on the belt or with a shoulder strap

 FELCO 800G Expert

  • This version of the FELCO 800 was specially designed for left-handed users

FELCO 800M expert

  • Includes all the features of the FELCOtronic range
  • Cutting head specially developed for sheep’s and goats’ hooves
  • Design perfected through close collaboration with sheep and goat breeding specialists

FELCO 810 Expert

  • Most suitable for cutting very hard wood and for large diameter branches
  • Offers incredible cutting strength
  • Despite this power, the pruner’s ergonomics remain flawless
  • Great maneuverability 
  • Relieves the strain on arm and shoulder muscles
  • Battery weighs less than 2kg and has enough charge for roughly one full day of pruning
  • Battery recharges in about five hours
  • Storage bag can be worn on the belt or with a shoulder strap
The portable light electric pruning range from Felco Distribution are designed for maximum intensive cutting work.
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