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Servicing and Maintenance Solutions

A network of Felco Maintenance Centres across Australia can help with maintenance and refurbishment of all Felco pruning products. 

Immediate Professional Support for Felco Tools
Key steps for maintaining your Felco trimmers, pruning shears and cutters include:

Cleaning - Tools should be cleaned after every use. If your tool is particularly dirty or subject to rusting after exposure to moisture, do not delay cleaning
Oiling - After cleaning it is advisable to oil your tools to offer them protection from corrosion as well as unjam the tool
Sharpening - Tools should be sharpened at least once a day, however if you feel that your tools are not cutting as well as usual sharpen it immediately
Dismantling - It's advisable to dismantle your tools on a regular basis and at least when they appear to be jammed

Specialised service centres that have been created to repair and service Felco Tools and give advice to users can be found across Australia.

Questions about this product

I want my FELCO Secateurs No.3 repaired. Where do I do this?
We do service Felco secateurs. The service will include cleaning, adjustment, sharpening and a new spring...
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