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Meat sheep available from Felix Rams

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Felix Rams  breeds an extensive range of meat sheep. Using accurate and continuous performance recording techniques, Felix Rams maintains detailed information of each of its livestock. Some of the meat sheep varieties reared by Felix Rams include poll dorsets and white suffolks. The online feedlot calculator provided by Felix Rams can be used for calculating production costs. Felix Rams offers online newsletter services to farmers with livestock control and management needs. The online newsletters provide valuable information on advanced cattle management and marketing strategies.

Lambplan is a performance recording and analysis strategy followed by Felix Rams for measuring the genetic quality of sheep. Sheep Genetics Australia offers performance monitoring and recording services to Felix Rams. Through reliable and efficient breeding principals and feeding techniques, Felix Rams breeds a range of meat sheep. Commercial sheep wool marketing business owners and livestock owners can benefit from the reliable meat sheep supply services offered by Felix Rams. Using advanced quality assurance strategies and continuous monitoring techniques, Felix Rams breeds a range of meat sheep.

Felix Rams offers sales and distribution services for a range of meat sheep and semen. Felix Rams organises annual sales programmes for distributing its meat sheep.

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