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Water pumping systems from Feri Pumps

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Feri Pumps  designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of water pumping systems suitable for agricultural, salinity, mining and aquaculture applications. Through continuous research and development strategies, Feri Pumps designs an extensive range of innovative agricultural support products and accessories. The water pumping systems developed by Feri Pumps operate efficiently under abrasive, mineralised, corrosive and dry situations. These pumps can also be used for pumping other types of fluids. Farmers with broad acre cropping and livestock feeding requirements can benefit from the water pump design and installation services offered by Feri Pumps.

The fertility of farmlands is determined through the quality of the soil and weather conditions. Agricultural farming requires constant source of water supply for which an efficient water pumping system is necessary. The energy efficient water pumping systems designed by Feri Pumps can be used as reliable tools for agricultural water pumping applications. The water pumps manufactured by Feri Pumps are tested for quality and performance.

The agricultural water pumping systems from Feri Pumps are available in a range of sizes and designs. Feri Pumps offers product selection advice and technical support services to its clients with distinct water pumping needs.

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