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Organic fertilisers and biological products from Ferti-Tech Australia

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Ferti-Tech Australia  manufactures an extensive range of biological products and organic fertilisers suitable for horticultural and agricultural applications. Using natural and sustainable development techniques, Ferti-Tech Australia offers production services for a range of natural and organic fertilisers. Ferti-Tech Australia offers production and supply services for a range of animal health products, organic fertilisers, foliars, seed enhancers and biological products. Through onsite inspections and tests, Ferti-Tech Australia analysis the fertility of the farm land and designs suitable fertilising plans.

Farmers and grain growers with soil fertility control and production management needs can benefit from the onsite analysis, soil monitoring and testing services offered by Ferti-Tech Australia. The test results are used for designing the fertilising plan and application strategy. Ferti-Tech Australia assists farmers in improving their agricultural yield. Organic fertilisers can be used for enhancing the fertility of soil and improving plant growth. Specialised paddock preparation strategies and quality granular products can be used for improving farm land productivity.

Some of the organic fertilisers supplied by Ferti-Tech Australia include natural liquid fertilisers, liquid foliar nutrient boosters, bio-fertilisers, phosphate fertilisers, minerals, granules, rock phosphates, lime and gypsum.

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