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Organic based cropping fertilisers available from Fertico

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Fertico  produces an extensive range of organic based cropping fertilisers suitable for horticultural, broad acre agricultural, organic and home garden markets. Fertility of agricultural lands depends on the amount of plant nutrients in the soil. Organic fertilisers can be applied on farm lands for improving the quality and productive capacity of the soil. Fertico offers wholesale distribution services for a range of organic fertilisers and plant nutrients. Farmers and growers with agricultural control and management needs can benefit from the organic fertiliser distribution service offered by Fertico. Through continuous research and development strategies, Fertico offers sustainable solutions to soil fertility management problems.

Organic cropping fertilisers can be used as alternatives for chemical fertilisers in improving the productivity of farm lands. Fertico offers agronomic advice and product support services to growers and farmers with soil fertility management and agricultural needs. Fertilisers can be applied using boom sprays and spray guns. The organic based fertilisers distributed by Fertico are available as a combination of organic minerals and water soluble nutrients.

The phosphate rock products manufactured by Fertico can be used for cropping, large scale horticultural, pasture and intensive agricultural applications.

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