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Organic fertilisers and plant nutrients available from Fertico

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Fertico  provides manufacture and supply services for a range of plant nutrients and organic fertilisers suitable for home garden and agricultural applications. The organic based products supplied by Fertico are suitable for application in home gardens and agricultural fields. Some of the home garden variety of organic fertilisers distributed by Fertico includes nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium based products. The all purpose organic fertilisers distributed by Fertico come in a combination of composted animal manure, organic fish, potash, rock phosphate, gypsum and blood and bone mixtures.

The all purpose organic products can be used to improve the fertility of the soil and also to provide essential nutrients to the plants. Fertico’s organic fertilisers can be used for supplying trace elements and major nutrients to a wide range of plants such as potted plants, hanging plants, roses, fruit trees, natives, shrubs, vegetable gardens, lawns, flowers, ground covers and ornamentals. Fertico offers application support service and product selection advice to farmers with soil management and agricultural control needs.

The natural organic fertilisers supplied by Fertico are free from the hazards of chemical fertilisers. Organic mineral ingredients help in healthier plant development and soil fertility.

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