Box scraper blades for levelling ground and soil


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Box Scraper Blade with Scarifier Tynes

Fieldquip offer box scraper blades which are commercial or farming landscape rakes.

Grading, Levelling and Spreading Soil
The landscape rakes are suitable for grading, levelling, spreading surface soil and the following:

  • Clearing lawns of stone
  • Removing roots and rubbish
  • Breaking up sod clumps
  • Spreading stones, gravel or cinders
  • Smoothing ball diamonds and carparks
  • Levelling land where horses exercise
  • Raking vineyards and orchard prunings

Forward and reverse cutting edges
The box scraper blades feature double cutting edges as well as the following:

  • Formed Moldboard
  • Heat treated tips for longer life
  • Heat treated steel shanks scarify the earth for greater soil preparation

The height of the scarifier is adjustable for breaking up soil at different depths or raising to move.

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