GDHD trailed topper mowers

Trailed Topper Mowers from Fieldquip
Trailed Topper Mowers from Fieldquip

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GDHD Trailed Topper Mowers- 8 Ft. 2.4m, 9 Ft. 2.7m, 12 Ft. 3.6m

Fieldquip supply the GDHD Trailed Topper Mower, a fully offset gear driven machine that can be folded into transporting position hydraulically from the seat.

All rotors have been timed with each other and have an overlap of 3" inches (75mm), ensuring the grass is cut evenly behind the machine. As a fully offset machine there is no chance of trampling of pasture prior to cutting.

Available in 3 cutting widths- 8", 9" and 12"
Other features include:

  • Blades are synchronized with each other and have an overlap of 3" 
  • Heavy-duty transmission
  • Rubber shock absorbers between rotor gearboxes
  • Full hydraulic offset control
  • Blades rotate in opposite directions, spreading cut grass evenly
  • Hydraulic breakaway system
  • High lift twin- cut ProCut swinging blades
  • Wide angle PTO shaft

Operators are able to set the topper mower at desired cutting heights by moving the adjustable side skids to the required position. The limit stop on the ram controls the rear axel so when the operator reaches the field the machine is offset and then lower, so topping can begin.

The Topper has added safety with a rubber buffer and high tension spring fitted onto the drawbar, dampening any of the shock loads the machine may come across whilst on field or in transit between jobs.

The Trailed Topper glides with ease over undulating ground with the assistance of domed dishes attached underneath of the blades. This prevent scalping and smashing of blades.

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