Roller Mowers Ideal for Mowing Large Grassland Areas From FieldQuip


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5000 Series Park Mower & Delta 360 Series Rotary Wingmower

Park Mowers
The 5000 Series Park Mower from Fieldquip is available in several models including mini and heavy duty.

Ranging in width sizes from 1.5 metres to 3 metres, it allows to match a park mower to individual farming management needs.

Runs on a variety of tractors and tractor equipment. Other features and benefits include:
  • Both rear roller or front and rear roller for added versatility
  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of tractors between 40 to 95 horsepower allowing control and agility for smaller areas and around trees and obstacles
  • Perfect for storage and transport
  • Cutting width varies from 450mmm to 2982mm.
  • Fitted with an excusive twin belt drive system and 4 rollers deliver exceptional performance
  • Maintenance free bearings, grass flow vanes and a safety front and rear skirt offering superior precision, durability and reliability
  • Blade system - cuts with sharp 'gold tip' fine cutting flail tips
The Delta 360 Series Rotary Wingmower from FieldQuip is the ideal mower for wide area mowing applications. 

The Wingmower has undergone rigorous field trials to ensure the machine works to a high output and quality finish, often being used by large contractors and councils.

Light weight and greater moving width. Other features and benefits include:
  • 3.6metre cutting width
  • 6mm pressed steel deck
  • High quality sealed bearings in the spindles
  • Front and rear adjustable height rollers on the main deck
  • Can be used for for municipalities, contractors, turf farms, golf courses and airports
  • Coated in a high quality durable two pack polyurethane finish
Both the Park Mower and the Rotary Wingmower are the ideal field mowing applications to keep large areas of grassland, neat, tidy and presentable. 
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