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Adapters as effective technical business solutions from First4Farming

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First4Farming  offers technical business solutions for the improvement of the agricultural sector. These technical business solutions include adapters and gateways. Adapters, from First4Farming, include middleware components that have been specifically developed for interfacing back office systems to the eHub. Adapters can be located either in datacentres or servers. Various key tasks performed by adapters include encryption and decryption, transformation and code lookups. Encryption tasks performed by these adapters include 128-bit encryption processes for business documents. Transformation processes involve conversion of files between XML file formats, that are used within B2B platforms, and other file formats sent by customers.

The code lookups task performed by adapters from First4Farming help in table comprising for code pairings. These code pairings can be either held locally or accessed by using web services. Code lookups have been specifically implemented for the conversion of key data items such as product codes. Adapters from the company consist of four components that include connection, channel, workflow and service. Connections are basically end points that receive messages, while channels can be used for linking these connections as well as hosting different workflows. A workflow is ideal for grouping various services and also capable of defining the sequence that needs to be executed.

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